Skilled Story Tellers

We all have a story to tell. The Art is in the telling.

Jackson Foundation MediaWhen it’s done right, the story will long be remembered, making an emotional connection.  We believe strongly that every story should entertain, engage, and educate the viewer.  Such storytelling skills are displayed in our diverse catalog of productions such as television series and specials, documentaries, commercials, social issue programming, book trailers, corporate videos, and more.

Our award winning TJF Media team has used its storytelling abilities over the years to work with such clients as the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference, Nashville Public Television, the National Park Service, DuPont, Matheson TRIGAS, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee State Parks, Discovery Park of America, Thomas Nelson Publishing, Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative, the Tennessee Arts Commission, the Tennessee Historic Commission, You Have the Power, University School of Nashville and many more.

The TJF Media team rings an Emmy Award winning tradition to every project.  We look forward to telling YOUR story.